It’s Potty Time!

After taking a small trip to visit the local daycare for J, it came to me that even though the daycare providers would help teach J how to use the potty, it would be beneficial if we did as much as we could to familiarize J with the loo.

So to start off with I introduced J to the potty.  Not the little portable potties for toddlers.  Nope.  I had to show her the big people’s potty.  Now why in the world would I do that?  Why would I want to place her tiny bottom on a huge toilet that she may be afraid of falling into?  Well, normally I wouldn’t try this but the local daycare does not have those small toilets at their facilities.  They just plop the toddlers on a normal sized toilet and let them wee wee and poo poo into those.  They informed me that most kids don’t fear them.  I have to admit, I was a bit skeptical.  I know tons of pint-sized kiddos who scream when they realize that they could possibly fall in.  But I was going to be optimistic.  If J started screaming, I would just take her down and buy one of those small toilet seats to place on top to help comfort her the next time.

And to make the ease into potty training a bit better, the hubby actually found a cute little DVD at the library that tells a story about a little girl who was potty training.  The name of the DVD (and the book) is Once Upon a Potty for her by Alona Frankel.  We figured that since the DVD had both a story and a song (J LOVES songs and dancing), that this may help get J a bit motivated to at least LIKE the potty.

And you know what, it worked! Well, so far it has.  I let J watch the DVD a couple of times.  We sang.  We danced.  We danced some more.  And then yesterday when she woke up that morning, I decided to sing the potty song and lead her over to the bathroom.  With a smile on my face and hope in my heart, I placed my grinning toddler onto the toilet seat and waited.  And not even 3 minutes into it, J started to pee-pee.  We all hooted, hollered, and clapped in excitement.  J simply smiled and said in a proud little voice, “I pee-pee, poo-poo.”  Okay so she may have not poo-poo’ed but I didn’t care.  She actually peed in the toilet!  So as a reward to herself, J got up, flushed the toilet and washed her little hands.  Most kids want toys and candy.  Not my daughter.  She just wants to be allowed to flush the toilet. :)

We are still working on being consistent in peeing and pooping in the toilet (we have had some major wet diapers and huge poo-poo’s found in our diapers), but I am just so happy that my little girl is enjoying the potty training right now.  One day, she’ll be able to come up to me and say, “Momma! Pee-pee!” and lead me to the toilet.  Until then, we will keep singing and dancing.

I’m goin’ to my potty-potty.

Yes, I’m going to my potty-potty.

Yes, I’m going to my potty-potty now-ow!



4 thoughts on “It’s Potty Time!

  1. What a great story! I can totally relate to the “smile on my face and hope in my heart” line. It’s a lot of work to stay upbeat with all the accidents, but you are so right. It pays off. I’m so happy to hear your little one liked the song and dance and is now happily venturing in to use the potty and get her “reward” of flushing the toilet! My kids are both potty trained now (yay!) and they still race to flush the toilet the second they’re done. :)

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