The Destinations


So what would be a journey without some hopeful destinations along the way.

Here is my list of the Things That’s I’d LOVE To Try:

  1. Horseback Riding
  2. Snowboarding
  3. Cake Decorating
  4. Making a loaf of bread
  5. Riding a motorcycle
  6. Riding a cable car in San Francisco
  7. Wheel Thrown Pottery
  8. Taking a Dance Class
  9. Learn to Sew (pillows and curtains for the house)
  10. Knit a blanket
  11. Knit a sweater
  12. Knit a jacket
  13. Knit those hats for the kids
  14. Surfing
  15. Camping
  16. Hiking
  17. Make a classic apple pie (from scratch…crust and filling…the whole works!)
  18. Attempt to make Gumbo
  19. Take a photography class
  20. Learn to make my own jewelry
  21. Learn to play the guitar
  22. Take singing lessons
  23. Volunteer for a cause
  24. Volunteer time at a soup kitchen
  25. Glass Blowing
  26. Mountain Biking
  27. Take a trip just for me
  28. Make my own soaps
  29. Make my own candles
  30. Make my own beauty products
  31. Learn to speak Chinese, Japanese, or Spanish
  32. Zipline
  33. Play in a poker tournament
  34. Drink beer in Ireland
  35. Eat New York style pizza in New York
  36. Eat Chicago style pizza in Chicago
  37. Eat authentic New England Clam Chowder
  38. Origami
  39. Attending a broadway show in New York
  40. Take a cooking Class
  41. Volunteer as a team parent for one of my kiddos’ sports
  42. Make some hard candy and chocolate truffles
  43. Make Lumpia
  44. Donate to a charity
  45. Practice some Feng Shui in my house
  46. Taking the family to Disney World
  47. Taking a trip to Cedar Point
  48. Visit Europe again
  49. Go skiing
  50. Make and decorate a birthday cake
  51. Learn to crochet
  52. Growing my own tomatoes
  53. Go the the Grand Canyon
  54. Visit Las Vegas
  55. Visit Italy
  56. See Mt. Rushmore
  57. Go to Washington D.C.
  58. Visit Greece
  59. Scuba Dive
  60. Take a Yoga class
  61. Take a Zumba Class
  62. Finally work on my children’s scrapbooks (lord please help me)
  63. Take a gun safety course
  64. Finally frame the family photos and place them on the wall
  65. Learn to drive a standard (oh lordy…)
  66. Find a job that I love to do…to save up for the time when…
  67. ….I own my own business

I am sure that I will think of more later.  Until then, follow along with each one as I attempt and triumph!🙂

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